Sad Short Hot Love Stories (38 Love Stories to date!)

These true sad love stories are tear jerkers with an important love moral at the end of it.

A sad touching love story contributed by one of our readers. Many times our relationship gets tested and we meet someone whom we thought could have been. Our feelings consume us and it becomes such a difficult situation to get out of. Read this sad short love story to see if you can understand how this reader feels.

Please Don't Lie To Me Again
This touching sad short love story is amazing. Sometimes we lie to the ones we love because we are afraid to tell people of our feelings for them. How often has this happened to you? Well, read this touching sad short love story and perhaps you might find the courage to let people know of your feelings.

When Friendship Turns to Love
It's quite common isn't it? Us falling in love with our best friends. Not a very nice feeling to have because we get into such a dilemma. But this sad love story does deserve a read. Maybe we can identify with it.

The Guardian Angel
A unique story about how love is more than just skin deep. Your guardian angel might just be around you if you open your eyes up just a little bit more!

I'll Be With You
Why are people so attracted to love stories? Especially sad love stories. Maybe because it touches their hearts, maybe it teaches them something about love? This story certainly does teach me something. I can certainly imagine the story playing out in a film. The man, insignificant and most certainly grotesque by many people's standards and the lady, a stunning beauty. Two people from totally two different backgrounds brought together by the extremely mystical bond of love.

The Salty Coffee
This sad love story tells of a regret. Not a bad regret if you ask me, but a regret about a lie being told because of love. Love is sweet in the end, not salty.

The Dolls of Love
Another touching story, that things might not be what they seem. Surprises and the sweetest of them comes in small packages. And this story shows just that, don't underestimate the littlest of gestures for they might actually be the ones which you will remember for life.

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