Sad Short Hot Love Stories (38 Love Stories to date!)

These true sad love stories are tear jerkers with an important love moral at the end of it.

A True Ghost Love Story
Yes, you can find true love in the weirdest places. Astoundingly, it is these stories that are the saddest. We all sometimes wish that our loved ones will stay by our side forever but alas, life seems to always have a cruel twist on love.

The True Meaning of Love
A touching korean love story which I dub as one of the most tear jerking stories in this section. It's a long read, divided into many small parts to facilitate reading as well as the telling of the story. It's written by a lady called Val. Please write to her if her story touches you!

Love Messages
Text messages are so hot these days aren't they. Well, and they are excellent ways of telling people how much you love them. Or not. Read this story to find out more!

Love Story of the Century
Only love can win battles. Fighting drives people apart, but sometimes it can bring people together as well. However, so often we fail to see this and quarrels and anxieties just seem to bring people further and further apart.

The Light of Love
A touching love story that occurs on a bus. This sad love story is so sweet it certainly brings a warmness to the heart!

The Rose Trust
Want a really really romantic gift idea? Read this story to find out what it is. Beware though, you might end up crying a bucket load of tears too!

A Love Tragedy
Tragic love stories always brings people to tears, especially me. This tragic love story is so sad, it really deserves its names. As the story goes, money is money but love is divine.

Tell Me Whom You Love
The true nature of a heart is seen in it's response to the unattractive. "Tell me whom you love," Houssaye wrote, "And I will tell you who you are." Read this story to find out what it all means!

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